Frogs & Froglets

Froglets offered are juveniles at least 2 months OOW depending on species. We cannot determine the sex at this age.  Adult frogs will be a higher price.

A more economical and educational way to purchase frogs is to acquire them in the tadpole stage. All tadpoles offered are well-started and eating a simple diet of pellets. They are generally fed every two days. We feed Zoo Med Frog & Tadpole Food dusted with Sera Micron.


Bear in mind: It is riskier to purchase tadpoles. The more advanced, the greater the chances are of survival. We cannot guarantee beyond live arrival. Time spent in tadpole stage will vary with species.


And, don't worry - we only raise Ranitomeya aka "Thumbnail" frogs in the 50 ml test tubes. More room than a bromeliad!


Bumblebee Froglet.jpg
Buy poison dart frog

Dart frog, dart frogs, poison dart

frog, poison dart frogs, Thumbnail

frog, thumbnail dart frogs, ranitomeya,

auratus, tinctorius, phyllobates,

Terribilis, Benedicta, Shucushuyacu,

Variabilis, Highland Variabilis, Imitator,

Southern Imitator,Tarapoto, Tarapoto

Imitator, Chazuta, Chazuta Imitator,

Yumbatos, Yumbatos Imitator,

Banded, Banded Imitator, Nominal

Imitator, Green Imitator, Varadero,

Varadero Imitator, Fantastica,

Lowland fantastica, reticulated

fantastica, Vanzolini, Sirensis, Lamasi,

Orange Sirensis, Green Sirensis,

Contamana, Contamana Sirensis,

Amazonica, Arena Blanca, Iquitos,

Amazonica Iquitos, Amazonica Iquitos

Red, Amazonica French Guiana,

Ventrimaculata, Oophaga, Pumilio,

Blue Jeans, Mint Terribilis, Orange

Terribilis, Phyllobates Aurotaenia,

P Aurotaenia, Phillobates Bicolor,

P Bicolor, Super Blue, Auratus

Super Blue, Auratus Microspot,

Auratus Capurgana, Auratus

Columbian, Leucomelas, Bumblebee,

Matecho, Azureus, Cobalt, Mantella,

mantellas, Baroni, Baroni Mantella,

Painted Mantella, Nigricans, Nigricans

mantella, Betselio, betselio mantella,

Expectata, expectata mantella,

tadpole, tadpoles, Indiana

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